Art Colonies: The Gift of Time

spacer In 1992 I attended my first Artist's Colony in Boheniecs, Poland. The skies opened, the waters parted and the earth shook. (ok, ok, I'm exagerating a LITTLE). I had been doing "Art Photography" for over 20 years. The problem is, that I also do commercial photography and it seems that the last thing you want to do after lugging around cameras all day on the JOB, is pick one up and hit the streets afterward. Enter Art Colonies: The Gift of Time.

So what are Art Colonies? Though some are actual physical spaces, I've come to view a colony as more of a state of mind, and have begun "creating" my own, any time, any place. The mindset for an art colony is one of intense concentration on your art. Obviously, that can often times be accomplished easier in a place with few distractions. Most colonies will supply that along with the company of other artists who are likewise avoiding distraction, but still usually ready to converse on the topic of their art or yours. Some colonies charge a small amount (we all know how rich most artists are) for this time, others are free. Either way it's a gift. Go for it.

For artists, Art Colonies truly are the gift of time: time to create, ponder, look, converse and refresh. This page is a gift to artists everywhere searching for that time.

Ken Hannon   |   K-Squared Associates

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